Summer Road Trips

In the depths of winter it is easy to let the mind wander towards thoughts of warm beaches and vacations.  I had been planning to take a trip somewhere warm this winter, but other priorities have gotten in the way, and so we are hunkered down waiting for the cold weather to pass at home.

However we are going to be making the most of the nice summer days this year with some good road trips and putting some miles on our new car. I have two big trips in mind for the summer.

One road trip to Newfoundland to see family and meet my newest nephew. Google says the trip is about 30 hours of driving + 5 hour ferry.  I think we’ll be taking our time to see some of the Canadian sights along the way. Quebec City has been high on my list of places to see, so I’m looking forward to a stop-over there for a day.

The second trip I want to do is to drive drive south along the east coast. Perhaps to Washington or maybe even as far as Florida. There is just so much to explore it’ll take some time to plan a route. Surprisingly the drive to Disney World Florida is actually significantly shorter than getting to St. John’s.