Start of a new Chapter

Today was my last day as an employee and the first working for myself. I’ve been talking about and trying to run my own businesses for a decade, finally I had the confidence to fully commit and leave the safety of my job behind.

Even before telling anyone the news, things have been starting to line up.

My vision for the next 12 months, originally, was to live off of savings as runway to launch a Blockchain business. I figured that if nothing came of it after that much time on the technology front I would at the very least have provable expertise in Blockchain that could be leveraged for high paying contract work, or a job. And if the the business started to generate some profits then I’d be in a very different role.

Instead, unexpected opportunities have been landing in my lap. I have more work to do now than ever before.

It’s an interesting feeling. I have no ability to see what’s in store for even 1 month into the future, but I’ve mentally disconnected myself from the expectation of earning an income for the next year so that it doesn’t matter what happens.

Should make for an interesting year