Creating Structure

Leaving my job and subsequently taking a month long vacation to visit family and reset was quite disruptive to my usual routines. Focusing again on my entrepreneurial adventures is very different now that I’m back. 

On the one hand it is amazing to be fully in control of my schedule, I can allocate time between family, projects and health with freedom. But on the other hand I’m only accountable to myself to get things done.

I’m glad that I am the type of person that doesn’t procrastinate. Otherwise this whole venture would be non-productive.

Perhaps the most important thing is the need to create my own structures for allocating my time. Closing the office door and asserting the importance of dedicated and uninterrupted time away from distractions is critical for making progress. It’s a lot harder to do without the social pressure that comes with having a job and a team that depend on each other.

My Journal is such a critical piece of my daily routine, now more than ever it is helping to maintain focus on daily, weekly and monthly goals. Without which I would be going in 10 directions at the same time and get nowhere.

This disruption is giving me a chance to re-evaluate my morning routine as well. My morning is in flux right now. I’m hoping to create a regular practice of exercise to jump start the day, and am starting to try more bike rides and strength exercises to find something sustainable.

I’m still super excited to get this project I’m working on to a beta release in the near future. So much good stuff on the plan to accomplish.