Work in progress Beer Fermentation Cabinet

After thinking about how to make better beer at home last week and a successfully brewed cerveza I wanted to up my game and build a fermentation box to lager. The number one objective is to make the brewing process with the least amount of effort – no lifting heavy things, transferring fluids around as little as possible is the goal.

So I built an insulated cabinet. Fermentation happens at the top so that once it is filled with wort it stays there until I gravity feed it straight into a keg after fermentation is complete.

The space on the bottom is useful to store equipment, so most of the beer making tools all stay together and organized.

One last functional piece to this build is to get an air conditioner that will control the lagering temperature. After that I will do the finishing touches to pretty it up.

I’m looking forward to trying to make a proper Pilsner at home.