New Blockchains

Over the last week I ran into a difficult problem to solve with my B

lockagram application that I have been working on for the last few months. It required some deep thinking.

I spent three days with some sensory deprivation to really focus my thoughts and avoid even the slightest distractions. An eye mask and hearing protection while lying down on the floor of my office. Strange but effective.

After all this, I think I have had a real breakthrough for a way to create an innovative new proof of work algorithm geared towards a block chain for identity. Unlike Proof of Work used by Bitcoin this will require no wasted computer cycles and so it will be very power efficient.

Yesterday I started to work on a white paper to describe how this new block chain application will work and have started to develop out the proof of concept with code. Hopefully there are not too many roadblocks to develop it.

Amazing that this kind of thing just wouldn’t be doable in a job setting yet can be super productive. Finding solutions to really difficult problems can require a lot of thinking, and deep thinking is hard to do on a timeline.

This whole thing is a bit of a tangent from my main application. Trying to find a way to avoid having spoofed accounts, and fraudulent users led me down this rabbit hole. It’s a luxury that I can take the time to see how far the rabbit hole goes