3D Printing

For Christmas this year, I got a 3D printer to add to my ever busier home office. My hope with the printer is to create more in 2019. And I have a backlog of ideas for things I want to make with it.

I hit a wall with my bike design a couple months ago due to lack of tools to take things from a sketch and 3d model into a prototype phase. I hit the same wall earlier in the year trying to prototype an active support structure. My hope is that a 3D printer will let me take some of these ideas and make functional prototypes, or make the jigs and tools to help me make them.

In addition to the ambitious things, there’s plenty of little things that these printers are particularly good at. Wire clips, mounting hardware, models and little odds and ends that I hope will keep my office neat and tidy will be fun to play with.

While I wait for a couple pounds of plastic filament to arrive I’m combing through the 1,000,000+ models on thingiverse looking for stuff to print.