Game Changing Week

Two things happened over the last week that made me re-think my plans. First, I attended the SaaSNorth business conference, which forced me to critically think about my business strategy and viability. And secondly, I lost the domain name for the business – which means emails are broken, website is down and either I pay the extortion price to buy the domain back, or re-brand the company.

I was struck by the simplicity of some of the businesses that did well at SaaSNorth. It made me think critically about putting so much technical effort into building something for which there is a questionable problem to be solved. Desk Nibbles was the company that won the pitch-fest at the conference, they ship a box of snack food to offices based on the dietary preferences of people. It’s such a simple idea.  Another, Noibu, integrates a 360 image with e-commerce stores so that you can see the physical store online. 

After getting back from the last day of the conference I discovered that the domain name for blockagram had expired. It’s a setback that made me stop to think – should I take it as a chance to re-brand into something more fitting. or should I put the business on hold for a little while and focus on something simpler based on things that might have an easier sell to customers.

In the end I decided to do a little market test of another idea and see if I can get some traction with it. I’m going to sell it before things exist. Yesterday, I started crafting a sales page, something to see if my idea has merit.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll push some paid traffic to the website to see if I can measure the interest, and collect information of potential customers. Only if things look promising will I continue to build it.