Recording Content

One of my pet projects of the few months has been has been to create a podcast. In the process of trying to figure out exactly what the podcast should look like – scripted show, unscripted show, or maybe a YouTube channel? I’ve been experimenting with recording more content.

So I pulled out a bunch of my old cameras and audio equipment from boxes and started to configure my office into an amateur recording studio.

The podcast is still at least a month from launch. My strategy is to pre-record at least 10 episodes and launch with something more substantial than a one off recording. The process of recording 10 shows should help with streamlining the process of recording and help land on a standard format that is sustainable in the longer term. If the process of writing, recording, post-processing and publishing is too onerous it will be hard to keep going.

The thought occurred to me that I should try to record more video/audio content for this blog too. Perhaps record some videos to go though the projects I’m working on, or ideas I have for things I can’t accomplish on my own. For that I’m still trying to figure out the best process for recording and processing video, without buying more stuff. This is something I’ve thought about off and on over the years but never really got around to doing. Maybe now with a home office configured for more recording, I’ll have less of a hurdle to getting things up here.