Velocity vs Speed

This past year has been one of the most interesting I’ve had. Quitting my job gave me the time to pursue a wide variety of interests. And I did use the time this year to get a lot of unique things done – blockchain development, built a chat/finance app, wrote a space strategy plan/planned a podcast, launched a couple dozen websites, built a beer fermentation cooler, did some e-commerce, designed a bike and custom electric motor, prototyped an AI app to learn Mandarin, designed a space launch system 1/100th the cost of SpaceX, invented a new scheme for proof of work, and designed a business strategy AI.

These are things that wouldn’t have happened if I was also doing a job.

However that variety and wide range of things had a drawback that very few of these things moved forward enough to get traction. Speed in lots of different directions, but low velocity. 

My resolution for the next while is to plan and focus on velocity. To structure my time and the work I do to lead in a singular direction.