Hitting the Gym

This year I’m making a real investment in my physical health. In 2018 I attempted to do my own workout at home several times but for one reason or another I just never could turn it into a habit and keep it going for long term. Time spent planning and researching bodyweight routines ended badly when I re-injured my back.

My new approach is a membership at one of the nicer gyms. This gym is nice enough that I’d want to just go to hang out there, the quiet area or cafe would be suitable for me to go to get some work done. With that quality I am building a habit of going every day, even on recovery days, just to keep the daily ritual going.

So far so good. The Gym gives me a reason to leave the house which is helpful since, working at home mostly on my own gives me very few opportunities to get fresh air, or even see other people.

2019 is the year I will turn into a gym rat.