Producing Video and Audio

Over the last several weeks I have been doing quite a bit of learning. One of the things I’m doing more of is going deeper on producing video and audio content for podcasting and YouTube channels. My home office now has enough equipment to do an adequate job with audio and video production.

My YouTube channel has been reconfigured and re-branded for a podcast and video channel I’m building about the moon.

The first 2 episodes of the audio podcast are recorded and scheduled for early February. The first video episode is developed and scheduled for YouTube.

One big lesson in this, is just how much work can go into creating good videos. Assembling videos from stock clips and images is time consuming. It took a full day of editing to make a relatively simple 15 minute video. It is making me think about changing the format to more of a video of me – talking head style.

In addition to my moon project podcast I am also helping to produce a series of podcasts about meditation.

All in all, I’m quickly ramping up my knowledge of podcast syndication and publishing, as well as YouTube strategies, as well as how to use video and audio editing software.

One of my primary goals with all this, as I mentioned before, is to improve my speaking and presentation skills. So far it seems like it’ll be well worth the effort.