Building a Gym Habit

Since the week after Christmas, I have been keeping a streak going of getting to the gym for a workout every single day. The motivation for hitting the gym so frequently is threefold. Firstly, I need to get out of the home office and without an excuse I have no other reason to leave. Secondly, I have been feeling less than awesome for a while, and needed to spend some time every day focusing on my health. Lastly, the reason for going everyday is to force the change.

One thing I have noted about making life changes is that it is often easier to go all in on something. It’s easier to eat nothing for a day than to reduce food to 1000 calories. It’s easier to go full vegetarian than to eat less meat (without a concrete plan). By deciding that every day is a gym day, there is no decision whether or not to go to the gym. The answer to “will I go to the gym today?” is always Yes! It reframes the internal conversation into less mentally taxing absolutes.

A key insight that I hope will make this attempt at sticking to the gym more successful is something that I got from Terry Crews, who said that he sometimes will go to the gym, sit down in the lounge, read a magazine and go home. The habit of going to the gym is just as important as actually doing the workout. Giving myself the opportunity to do a workout everyday makes it more likely to happen, and ensuring that I don’t lose the habit if I lose the momentum. And along that line, I signed up at a gym that has a cafe, good wi-fi, and space to hang-out on days that I don’t feel like working out.

So far it has worked pretty well. I’m quickly closing in on 2 months of daily gym visits. I usually get in 2 hours per day. My flexible schedule allows me to go at off-peak times when it is not crowded.

My fitness goals are simply to just get there and do something. Every day that I get to the gym is a success. I’m not measuring reps, sets, watts or kilometres. The important thing is to go, and not to injure myself.

So far so good. Onward to a healthy 2019.