Back Exercise And Massage

A week ago I finally took the Dr’s advice and went to see a massage therapist about some back pain I’ve been having for a long time. It was quite interesting to see just how effective it was for the problem.

Interesting more so because for the last 2 months I have been doing more exercise at the gym to specifically work on strengthening my back muscles but it was just aggravating the problem. Taking an hour to work out the knots in my neck and back resulted in the most comfortable nights sleep I’ve had in a very long time.

There’s no doubt that weak back muscles, imbalances and pinched nerves can cause some pretty strange symptoms. I’ve had lots of sensations which are seemingly unrelated, but disappear with the back pain – fingers that go to sleep on me, stabbing pain across my shoulders, and difficult to describe sensations on my diaphragm and stomach.

But it all seems to ease up with a bit of foam rolling.

I’ve been skeptical of the effectiveness of massage in the past. But there seems to be some potential benefits even for those of us who are not professional athletes or dealing with an injury.