Clutter Creep

Despite a recurring weekly schedule to clean my home office and maintain some sense of minimalism things have been collecting over the last 6 months to put it over the edge.

The tipping point was the green screen and photography lights which take up so much space that it was making the whole room non-functional.

So over the weekend I was forced to reckon with the mess.

After much thought of the best way to get room back was to take out one of the Ikea shelving units and attach the green screen directly to the wall. The result saved about 8 sqft of floor space in the room.

I now have room to film videos. Yay!

There’s still much to do. A homebuilt NAS file server has a loud humming sound that interferes with the audio recording. Losing the shelf cost me the space for the 3D printer which is now pushing in on my computer screen. I have boxes of lighters in inventory that need to be sold stacked up in the corner (available at

So my office is still not back to being a place for peaceful productivity. Clutter has crept in to make my office a source of stress.