Getting Motorcycle Ready

Last fall, I was having a look at things that I could sell around the house to free up some cash and continue bootstrapping my business for a while longer. I put my Ninja 250R up for sale for a month or so, but never got any serious buyer interest from anyone that late in the riding season. At the time, I figured I would sell the bike in the spring when people started to look to buy motorcycles again.

Now though, I have a daily commute. Having a lightweight motorcycle to ride to work with will finally give me an excuse to use it much more often. So it’s a bit of a relief that I didn’t end up selling the bike in the fall.

Even compared to our hybrid car, the motorcycle will get better gas mileage, and help save a few dollars in gas over the summer, plus free up the car for Heather to use during the day. Commuting by motorcycle is a much more pleasurable way to go than being in a car during rush hour.

So over the weekend I started to get the motorcycle back in order and catch up on some of the maintenance that I haven’t been diligently doing. Unlike my previous motorcycle this bike is carbureted and requires a bit more upkeep.

All this got me thinking about things I might be able to do to the motorcycle to make it better. So I’m on the lookout for ideas to customize the bike.

One tip so far: Check for parts. I was able to order some spools for lifting the bike for 80% less than the retail price.

Thus far summer weather has been stubbornly slow to warm up. So I haven’t been able to get the bike out for more than a quick shake down run around the block. But hopefully it’ll just be a week or two until I can get some daily rides.