New Job, Big Changes

For the last 3 years I have been full-time working from home, and the last year of that has been mostly working for myself on personal projects. Self determination is a very unique frame of mind to be in and getting back to full-time employment in an office is a dramatic change of pace.

I accepted an offer to work at Numerator on a team that is building tools to track SEO, compliance, prices and advertising across most of the big e-commerce retailers. It is a chance to work with really big data and get deep into seeing how e-commerce works.

After finishing up my first week at the new job the biggest challenge is deciding what of my existing projects I’m going to have to put to the side or shut down. 40 hours of work + 5 hours of commuting every week is a big a chunk of time that I’m going to have to cut out from the things I was doing before.

It’s an interesting challenge to try and either find new ways to work on things more productively and focused, cut scope, automate, delegate or just simply say “no” to.

The new job seems like a good fit for me so far. It’s nice to be working on the kind of projects that would have appealed to me to create for myself if I could. I’m excited to see what I will be able to see, do, and learn with genuinely big data that will make e-commerce better.