Da Vinci

The Science and tech museum hosted an exhibit about Leonardo da Vinci which we went to go see over the weekend.

One thing for sure is that it made me feel inadequate. He was able to get so much stuff designed and built that it just makes my efforts to be productive look like a snails pace. Designing everything from military weapons to musical instruments, flying machines, and cities. Then still having time to become a master painter. Truly prolific.

The exhibit left me with more questions than answers. How the hell did Da Vinci accomplish so much. There must be some secrets. It got me curious enough to order a copy of Walter Isaacson’s biography of him to try to find out more.

One question that entered my mind was: Is it even possible to have another Leonardo Da Vinci today? There is no question that our access to information has improved greatly since his day, but it is also incredibly difficult to have the time dedicate to deep thinking between jobs and abundant distractions.

What do you think? If someone with the aptitude of Leonardo was born today would they achieve the same astounding historical significance or would they be found in a cubicle somewhere?