making choices is fundamental to being human. The choices we make affects the whole trajectory of our lives from minor everyday things like how do we react to a situation to big picture things like choosing a job or mate.

If we had to consciously decide on all the choices we are presented with then we would be paralyzed with indecision and nothing would happen. Habits are good in that sense, we don’t need to think about everything all the time. But from time to time we should revisit those habits and be conscious about choosing to continue using them, or to find new ones.

Bigger choices can be difficult to make and I kind of wish there was more emphasis on teaching tools for how to make complex decisions. Teaching decision making along with problem solving in schools would help develop the skills for both deciding what to do, and knowing how to do it. Without that experience and skill of making decisions we need to look towards leadership for direction. Which I think is an unfortunate trade off.

We only get one lifetime and the quality of our choices make an out sized impact on the quality of our life. Choose wisely.