Writing More

For the last couple of weeks I have been writing with pen and paper everyday. It’s a practice I hope to keep up for some significant amount of time.

While this blog has been a personal log of mine for 16 years and over 1500 blog posts there are somethings that are not suitable for publicly posting on the internet and somethings that are better to write on paper.

Paper and pen affords some unique benefits compared to digital writing.

  • it is not easily searched – people with my journals sometime in the future will have to read everything rather than search and pick out stuff.
  • it’s harder to lose a physical book than delete files of text or a database.
  • physical books have a presence on a book shelf, but files on a hard drive are easy to lose.
  • writing with a pen, and not on a computer provides fewer opportunities to be distracted.
  • Pens don’t allow you to delete and re-word thoughts. my hope is that it also forces me to be better at thinking through thoughts start to finish and conveying those ideas in writing or speech.
  • Free-form writing is easy to be extremely flexible with mixing sketches in with the words
  • no batteries or power required.