A Vague Update

Unsure what to write about today… this has been happening a lot lately. Books that I read and hobbies are the driving force behind having creative and interesting things to write about on this blog and for the last couple of months work has been consuming most of my time and thoughts.

It can be amazing to experience just how much the decisions we make play a role in the bigger arcs of our life. Accepting one job over another, or moving into one neighbourhood rather than another are decisions that do impact the rest of your life.

This year I have already made one of those life changing decisions to accept a new job, and I am trying to make a decision to buy a house to change neighbourhoods from where we are. Pivotal changes that will open new doors and direct my life forward in unforeseen ways.

In any case, weighing the relative merits of one neighbourhood over another and making the most of my new position has been the biggest challenge on my mind lately.