Beast Mode

It can be amazing what is possible to accomplish in a day, week, month or year with the right motivation and habits. My life is documented in over 1500 blog posts on this website. My weekly routine for blogging has fallen to the wayside the past little while because of – new house purchase, packing, moving prep, planning a renovation, helping launch 2 businesses, and doing 3 people’s jobs at work.

Beast Mode is part of the secret that makes it possible to do so much stuff.

If you ever played the old SEGA game “Altered Beast”. Beast mode is the power-up you get that gives you extra abilities to defeat more enemies in the game.

Beast mode for me is a frame of mind that is hyper focused on getting things done. When cleaning the house this turns into a bit of a race, tidying things at a running pace. With computer stuff, it is usually being focused at getting something good enough to ship and getting it done before moving to something else. Be hyper productive.

The process of going into ‘beast mode’ to get things done quickly has been a helpful mental tool.