Building a Kitchen

Over the past month, it has been the most hectic and crazy period in recent memory. We have been slowly moving everything out of our old house and into the new one, while at the same time, ripping out and building a new kitchen, painting all the walls, trimming the trees, cleaning the gutters, assembling cabinets and living out of boxes.

For inexplicable reasons, I feel compelled to do as much of the work myself as I possibly can. It’s a habit that I need to try and break. Moving with a u-haul was a mistake and trying to disassemble, lift, pack, drive, unpack and re-assemble all of our furniture was too much to try and do ourselves.

The kitchen is coming together. It’s not ready for Pinterest just yet, but I’m happy with what we’re building so far. Counter tops should get installed sometime in the next 2 weeks, and then it’ll be a functional space. Until then, things will be a bit of a work site, and trying to live with half finished spaces.

On the long and growing list of project to tackle are:

  1. Getting an arborist/permits to cut down two massive trees in the front yard
  2. re-build my home office workspace
  3. Get rid of the squirrels that live in the attic
  4. downsize the furniture that wont’ fit in the new house
  5. decorate the new rooms
  6. install flooring on the main floor
  7. replace the toilet
  8. upgrade all the electrical outlets
  9. finish the kitchen – backsplash, patching, painting
  10. organise the crawlspace/storage
  11. fix doorframe
  12. spray foam the windows and doors
  13. paint the bedrooms
  14. pressure wash the driveway
  15. get the junk out of the garage
  16. install all new baseboards
  17. find and install a new dining room light fixture
  18. buy a new refrigerator
  19. get ontario hydro to trim trees on power lines

So much to do.