Winter Biking

Back when I was working in Calgary I started biking to work through the winter season. It gets cold and dark which necessitates a number of changes to how to commute by bike.

Now that I’m a 5km distance to the office instead of 30km it’ll be reasonable for biking in. So I’m getting back into pedal bike mode now that my motorcycle is put away for the season.

First thing for winter riding is to have a dedicated bike. Snow and salt destroys chains and gears. Ice is not friendly with slick road tires. Last week I brushed off my winter bike and tuned it up to get it ready for some winter riding.

My winter bike is a single speed urban style bike with studded mountain bike tires on it.

Riding safely after the sun has set in the winter requires excessive lights and reflectives. I got a couple new lights this past week and a high-vis jacket to complete my outfit.

The ride to work is straight along a road with no designated bike lane. Biking on the road, even with all my lights, is too much risk – so sidewalks are the only option. Maybe someday cities will do a good job of accommodating bikes safely.