Addicted To House Renovations

The projects continue to pile up in a never ending list of things that need to be worked on. The scope of things to do has gotten to the point where I need to do some proper planning on dependencies and costs for the bigger things that I cannot do on my own.

Last weekend I installed a hatch to access the attic space. It was probably the first time in 60 years that a person has looked in the attic of this house. Low and behold there is some 60 year old useless insulation and plenty of evidence of mice having lived there for decades without being hastled.

There’s no doubt that upgrading the attic insulation to current code of R-60 would make this house much more energy efficient. Cleaning out the old insulation, air sealing all the seams and then putting in some new insulation should stop the ice daming and giant icecles from forming.

Also in need of an upgrade is the furnace and hot water tank. Both of ours are near end of life at 20 years old. New modern ones will be much more efficient.

We have a drainage problem with the foundation in several places. Fixing this will require diamond circular saw to re-do the concrete walkway and install a drainage trough.

Most of the exterior cladding is terribly dated and could use a refresh. If we were to re-clad the house, it might be a good opportunity to install some exterior insulation and try to improve the air tightness of the house.

The chimney needs an inspection. We’d like to move the laundry room, upgrade the front door, build a patio space in the backyard and a couple dozen other projects.

At this point it is becoming obvious that we need to do some project planning so that we can accomplish all these things in the proper order without wasting effort. Should we do the furnace before or after improving the insulation? There are so many projects big and small that need to be done. over 60 projects on the TODO list!