House Work

Things never seem to slow down.

The list of items needed to be worked on for the house is growing faster than I can get to working on them. The endless work has left me me no time to do the things that I want to spend my time on.

There is so much to do that not doing things is causing more stress.

All the mechanicals of our house need an upgrade – new furnace, hot water, and A/C. I’d like to add an HRV to the mix while we are re-doing that as well, and add a smart thermostat. I kind of suspect that an upgrade will also require some duct work upgrades as well.

There are multiple different leaks in the foundation to deal with in the spring. Drainage is a problem with the way some of the landscaping is done and a good rain storm can force the sump pump into running every 10 seconds.. not a lot of spare capacity.

The baseboards need to be installed still, the kitchen backsplash as well.

Ice daming on the roof results in some leaks into the attic and has come through to the kitchen ceiling. ugh. Yet another thing to deal with.

Right now, home is almost as stressful as work. There is no place to relax.