Lockdown Projects

Making the most of things when stuck at home for the last couple of weeks, and plans for the next while. I’ve been chipping away at various small projects. I’m looking for things that I can get done with the things I have at hand and not going to the store.

One of the recent purchases I made that has made a good difference was a package of 8 T5 LED strip lights for the garage and crawl space.

replacing some flickering flourescent tube lights with new LEDs has made the garage a place that is bright and workable.

Continuing with the garage parjects I modified my workbench to build in a table saw, add hooks for rolls of tape, wheels were added to make it possible to move, and the shelves were improved:

Indoors I spun up the 3D printer to create a soap dish for the bathroom:

Most recently I created a small box/shelf so that I can put the tool box on the hand truck and move it around easily.

Improvements to the garage are turning it into a space that is clean and functional. One of the design motivations I have with the garage is to put everything possible on wheels. With a small space, having the ability to move things around on carts helps make the tools more useful. I can pull things out to the driveway for bigger cuts, and tuck things away to make space.

There’s more things in the in the plans to get done.