Bingeing on Learning Welding

For the past week I have been binge-watching and reading a ton about welding machines, techniques and project ideas. Continuing on from my last blog post about what kind of projects to build in the garage I think I’m landing firmly on dipping my toe into some metal work.

Welding is something that I have wanted to learn for well over a decade. I inquired several times about welding courses at BCIT when I was living in Vancouver, but never had the time to take a course. Several times I also looked at the options in Calgary to take some courses at SAIT, again never pulled the trigger.

Now I have the space for the tools and can finally build some projects.

I started to order some key tools – which has been tricky. Amazon orders for non-critical products is delayed for nearly a month. Perhaps sometime in mid-summer, I’ll be able to start practicing some welds and building. Until then, more youtube videos.