Warren Bikes or Boats

Since buying a house all my normal routines have gone to shit. A new environment with different cues and a backlog of projects that demand my time, there has been little time to devote to the self determined projects that I would want to accomplish.

However one of the great things about the new house is the garage. A space with limitless possibilities for bringing crazy ideas to life. I have been bringing the garage back to life and turning it into a usable space, but now have the question – what kind of workshop should I have?

Growing up I did a lot of wood work. I’m comfortable with working with wood. I have a modest amount of wood working tools and have the confidence to tackle just about any wood based project. – perhaps working towards building a small boat?

On the other hand, metal work has been a long term aspiration and something that I don’t have a lot of experience with but want to experiment with things like making my own bikes and other crazy projects that would really demand the strength provided by metal.

But the garage has limited space for tools so, it needs a focus. Therefore what the garage turns into really that comes down to the epic projects that I want to make. Should I work towards Warren Boats, or Warren Bikes?