Motorcycle Sold

When we moved to Ottawa one of the things I had on my mind was to get another motorcycle, and I did. I bought a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja EX250R. It’s an entry level sports bike, enough for the highway but not enough excessive power.

Over the last few years it had moments where I got good use of it. All of last summer I used it everyday to commute to and from work and the gym. It is a great bike for going around the city and a motorcycle commute is actually an enjoyable experience compared to taking a car.

But things come to an end, and this week I said good bye to that motorcycle and sold it to someone who will have their own experiences with it.

The replacement is going to be an electric bike. which I hope will have a few big wins for me:

  1. No insurance or registration costs
  2. Can be ridden in the winter
  3. One less gas engine to deal with
  4. Takes less space in the garage
  5. More convenient than suiting up with motorcycle gear to bike to the grocery store or other quick errands

My neighborhood is also becoming more bike friendly and by next year, the ride to work will be about 50% on dedicated bike lanes. I’m hoping things will continue to improve if the city sees people out using the new bike infrastructure.

Time to start shopping for a new bike