Ideas, big and small

I have 3 big ideas. The kind of legacy making change the world ideas that are big and bold. These ideas are things I would pursue if I had the means to execute on them but it requires vastly more capital than I have access to, or that others would put me in charge of. And more skill than I have the ability to muster.

Those big ideas are in the areas of construction, access to space and energy.

To set myself up to achieve those things in the future I look at what other successful business entrepreneurs before me have done, and model them. It is common to have started with a more modest businesses and leveled up several times before developing the skills and confidence to achieve unreasonable success.

This was on my mind recently. That before tackling the big ideas I need something that hits exactly the right level of challenge that I don’t get discouraged, but hard enough that I learn what I need, and that is within my means to succeed at. It would be an added benefit if success also brings with it the assets required to tackle a bigger idea next time.






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