Training Your Mind

The human mind is fascinating in so many ways.

I often like to invision the brain as an input/output machine with some internal loops to self-reflect and generate its own internal inputs. Inputs to the brain come from our senses – what we see, hear, smell, touch. Those inputs will physically modify your brain as new memories are formed and core-beliefs are established. As a result of those inputs your brain will produce an output, you’ll move your body, say something, or think something.

Every detail of those outputs from big ideas to micro variations are influenced by the inputs to your brain in the first place.

Most people, including myself, don’t take conscious and critical consideration about what inputs we provide for our brains to process and build memories from. We passively consume TV, read the news and listen to podcasts or radio for the emotional and entertainment value.

What if we specifically fed ourselves the kinds of information that would align with our goals, or placed ourselves in situations to learn and practice the skills we need to get better at the things we deliberately want to pursue. This kind of intentionality would be a game changer if applied consistently for months or years.

So, I’m encouraging everyone to take care before they train their brain with random inputs from news sources, social media, video games, music, conversations, or TV shows. If training your brain on something is not going to be of benefit to you, decide to do something that is instead.