Best Days Of My Life

Back in the summer of ’69 I was still not born yet, but this year is going to be the beginning of a major shift in how we think about and plan our vacations. Hopefully will be the foundation for many epic summers in the next several years.

A couple of months ago we took a serious investigation on options for buying a motorhome. It took 4 years to really dig into options and consider the possibilities before landing on motohomes as the thing to do. But now we are the owners of a much too expensive vehicle on a 30 year loan.

The payback will be that we now have a persistent reminder to disconnect and enjoy life sitting right in the driveway. We already have several trips planned for the summer to various campgrounds in Ontario. 2021 is our shakedown year to get a feel for the new rig, learn about all the camping options – public & private campgrounds, dry camping, crown land options and membership programs. Once we get more comfortable with everything in the coming years it will open the doors to trips to the east coast, to the west coast, and all through the USA.

I’m excited.

For the family, I hope that this change of pace will help build a foundation of summer memories for everyone, a second wave of the best days of my life.

though everytime I see this in the driveway I can’t help but laugh. I can’t believe that we actually bought it.