The Thesis Behind Psychedelic Water

I posted this on Twitter a while ago, but this site is a good place to document these thoughts as well:

1. Alternatives to alcohol is a growing market. There is a tailwind here as more people opt-out of consuming alcohol. I believe this is driven from disruption of the bar scene, zoom and video games replacing evenings out and health trackers clearly showing the negatives of drinking

2. Psychedelic Water developed a proprietary mix of herbal supplement ingredients that is a compelling replacement for alcohol. It provides the relaxed happy and social benefits without the drunkenness, and hangover negatives

3. Alcohol is bad stuff for us. it’s a habit forming drug associated with car crashes, domestic disturbances, poor sleep quality, hangovers, beer belly, loss of coordination, blackouts, hangovers, heart disease, high blood pressure, and worse. The world needs something better.

4. The bold brand gets attention. It’s a double edged sword, but people hear about it and get excited. Our customers love what we’re doing & there are raving fans. It’s a product that people buy on-the-spot after hearing the 30 second elevator pitch.

5. Psychedelics are becoming more acceptable and mainstream, as legality opens up we’re positioned to add new products. The brand also plays a role in normalizing and reducing stigma which hopefully accelerates legalization.

6. Solving the problems with alcohol with something compelling will literally save lives, it’ll mend families and make people happier. There is a moral imperative to the mission of Psychedelic Water. That’s important

So yeah, Psychedelic Water is an important company that needs to exist. The mission matters. The impact can be huge. That’s why I left a good job to work on Psychedelic Water.