Write down what you do

Doing a little Journaling to document all the things you do in a single day can have an eye opening feeling.

Yesterday, at around 5pm I started to write. At first, it felt like I hadn’t done much that day, but as I started to write out all the things that happened the list got longer and longer. Some of the items were decent wins – progress on the home renovation, grocery shopping, writing an investor email, baked cookies, caught a mouse and the list goes on.

I looked at my partner and said “we got a lot done today”

She replied “No we didn’t”.

Writing it out gave me the hindsight to see just how many little things were accomplished that day. Before starting to write it out the day emotionally felt wasted, afterwards I had that emotional high from a sense of accomplishment.

And all it took was a few minutes to reflect on the day and write it down.