About Us


Halotis Inc. is a company dedicated to making mobile better.

We believe in an iterative approach to improvement driven by data and creative insight. It’s also important to build assets that keep both the software and the business moving forward. Every new project leverages libraries and services that were created before and strives to extend them in new ways.

It is our dream to make the mobile experience as connected, responsive and engaging as a face to face interaction.

We build mobile Apps for iOS and server backends that work together to create compelling new use cases for mobile.


Halotis started out as a blogging and internet marketing company in 2005 that developed websites as well as software tools for SEO, market research, and ad tracking. At it’s peak Halotis was running 120+ Blogs in various markets using custom automated and semi-automated authoring tools. Ultimately this strategy proved unsustainable and we pivoted the company to Mobile.

The first iOS App we launched was UFO Invader in 2010. This simple game was a successful first attempt. We subsequently launched several more games and apps. During the development of our mobile apps we pieced together a proprietary server software application called App Control which dynamically updates all our apps with advertisements, tracking details, and custom content. It also is our business dashboard and display key metrics that allows us to steer the business.