February 19, 2012

Geolocation of Client with Django

My first thoughts yesterday when I started trying to add a lookup for a user’s country based on IP address was that this was going to […]
February 11, 2012

Banana Beer

Banana beer made in Belgium is surprisingly delicious.
February 11, 2012

Cross Promotion Analytics

Earlier this week I was on a webinar. I wasn’t expecting to get much out of it. But figured there might be one or two nuggets […]
February 9, 2012

Setting up a Mac for Django Development

I usually use Linux for doing python and django development.   However last night my Linux PC choked up yet again due to bad video drivers […]
February 6, 2012

Creating Platforms

Creating a really great piece of software is a lot of work.  Yet no matter how great it is it will not appeal to everyone.  Take […]
February 4, 2012

Home made fresh pasta.
February 1, 2012

Lifting Heavy Weights

This past weekend Heather and I picked up a bunch of weight plates to start lifting weights in the basement. I’ve always wanted that lean runners […]
January 27, 2012

Watch “Riding on the edge” on YouTube

January 27, 2012

Taking Things to The Next Level

For the last month or so pressure has been growing to kick the iPhone app business up a notch.  More and more I’m finding myself running […]