March 25, 2011

Dark Matter

More science. I saw something the other day that blew my mind. It took some time to track down the video on youtube. So what’s happening […]
March 23, 2011

Getting Over The Product Release Hump

With any software product there is a massive wishlist of features to implement and things to develop. It is a never ending process of thinking of […]
March 22, 2011

Ben Franklin’s Daily Schedule

Came across this today. The thing that struck me is Ben and I go to sleep at the same time, but he got up 2 hours […]
March 22, 2011

Science Kick

I have been on a bit of a science and sci-fi kick lately. And it has my brain working over time. For the last few days […]
March 18, 2011

Internet Explorer Shit The Bed

As a full-time professional web developer I have to write webpages that look and behave well. I do all my development work on Linux and Mac […]
March 16, 2011

Building an Artificial Brain

Last night I was up, unable to sleep thinking about what would happen if we had the technology to create a computer model of the human […]
March 15, 2011

Mark V Shaney

Mark V Shaney was a fake Usenet user whose posting were automatically generated using markov chains. I read about this a few weeks ago and […]
March 14, 2011

Nuclear Power Is Safe

With the recent events in Japan regarding the explosions at nuclear reactors it has become truly shocking just how much mis-information there is out there regarding […]
March 12, 2011

First Race In 10 Months

It never started very well. I woke up at 2am ready to throw up with a shiver that I couldn’t get rid of. Was my mind […]