December 1, 2009

picture of Vancouver today

Here’s a shot from the apartment. If you look in the distance you can see Mount Baker which is in the US.
November 19, 2009

Motorcycle is Away for the Winter

It’s getting a bit too cold out now to really enjoy a long ride on the motorcycle now. The snow is landing on the mountains ( […]
November 9, 2009

New Websites

I spent all day yesterday working on a new website which I hope will make some income for me. I am testing the wind and solar […]
November 6, 2009

Reading and Writing Adwords Editor CSV files in Python

I have been hard at work testing out different approaches to Adwords.  One of the keys is that I’m scripting up a lot of the management […]
November 3, 2009

Still Riding

It’s into November now and I’m happy to say that while it’s cold out there have been days nice enough to go for a ride on […]
November 3, 2009

Keeping Busy

It’s been a while since I have been active on my blogs. They’ve kind of taken a back seat to the work I’ve been doing for […]
October 25, 2009

Found Solution to TV

After a lot more analysis I think I found the best option for the TV situation. The PVR system available from our cable provider costs $650. […]
October 20, 2009

Not Enjoying TV Anymore

Over the past year I have become increasingly annoyed with standard television to the point where I now have a hard time sitting down and enjoying […]
October 16, 2009

A Week of Adwords Testing – Recap

Last week I started testing some new concepts on Adwords. A week has passed and I wanted to recap what has happened and some things that […]