August 10, 2009

Scrape Bing Search Engine Results Page

Based on my last post for scraping the Google SERP I decided to make the small change to scrape the organic search results from Bing. I […]
August 8, 2009

Scrape Google Search Results Page

Here’s a short script that will scrape the first 100 listings in the Google Organic results. You might want to use this to find the position […]
August 6, 2009

Excited for some vacation time

It has been a while since I’ve had a few days off and the time at work is starting to wear on me. So I’m really […]
August 6, 2009

Automatically Respond to Twitter Messages

I was a bit hesitant to post this script since it is such a powerful marketing tool that it could be used very badly in the […]
August 5, 2009

Creating a Business Intelligence Application

Business Intelligence is a multi-billion dollar industry powered by heavy hitters like SAP, Oracle, and HP. The problem they attempt to solve is to mine through […]
August 4, 2009

Translate An RSS Feed To Another Language in Python

A reader suggested that it might be useful to have a script that could get an RSS feed translate it to another language and republish that […]
August 2, 2009

Google Page Rank Python Script

This isn’t my script but I thought it would appeal to the reader of this blog.  It’s a script that  will lookup the Google Page Rank […]
July 31, 2009

Net Worth Update ( -3.5%)

July was an eventful month for my finances.  I sold all my stocks and paid off all my debts besides my student loan.  My total debt […]
July 31, 2009

Find Links on with a Python Script

In yet another of my series of web scrapers this time I’m posting some code that will scrape links from This is a pretty cool […]