April 19, 2009

the city is getting smaller

An unexpected benefit of doing all the long Sunday runs is that we’re covering a lot of ground as we run from near Stanley Park all […]
April 19, 2009

Prepping for some camping

Yesterday we made an excursion to MEC for some supplies.  For a long time getting a tent has been on our list of things we’d like […]
April 17, 2009

time to buy

I’m getting a very strong feeling that right now is the right time to buy into the stockmarket and get out of cash.  Here’s what’s leading […]
April 13, 2009

Learning PPC

For almost a month I’ve been focused on learning how to do pay per click advertising properly and profitably. It’s a business model based around a […]
April 11, 2009

got some motorcycle gear

Ever since moving to Vancouver I’ve been itching to get another motorcycle.  Today we took the first real step to making that happen. Last week we […]
April 7, 2009

excited to see U2 live in concert

Heather managed to snag some ground level tickets for the U2 concert in October.  It’s going to be pretty awesome. looking forward to seeing Bono on […]
April 5, 2009

Another Long Run

Another Sunday and another long run. Today’s route took us 32km through Stanley Park and over to the Vancouver Yacht Club and back again.  The weather […]
April 4, 2009

new monitors arrived!

here’s a pic of my new desktop setup.  What a huge difference it makes to have a big monitor. From Beach apartment
March 31, 2009

Net Worth Upate (+17%)

I have to say that I’m incredibly surprised with the performance this month. However, most of the increase is due to the change in my investments […]