December 8, 2008

Mowing lawn in december

Walking home today and passed by someone moong the grass. Nice problem to have 2 weeks before Christmas
December 4, 2008

How Linux is better than Windows

When most people talk about the transition to Linux they point out the software packages that are lacking like Photoshop, or how few games there are, […]
December 4, 2008

Windows Causes Stress

I am somewhat of an anomaly in this world.  I really don’t get stressed out.  Ever.  Most things just slide right off my back. Yesterday I […]
December 2, 2008

Inevitability Thinking

I was just introduced to the concept of Inevitability Thinking and I felt so excited that I just had to write a post about it.  inevitability […]
November 30, 2008

Creating new Rituals

I’ve hit on perhaps the most important aspect of success in life and business.  In order to really accomplish your goals you need two things: To […]
November 30, 2008

Good Day

Today we got up early and went for a 10K run.  It was nice even though it was a bit wet outside.  One of the things […]
November 28, 2008

Net Worth update: +13.5%

I managed to chip away over $1000 on my debts this month.  Which I am pretty pleased about and wasn’t expecting the number to go down […]
November 27, 2008

Movie Editor

I am taking the task of doing the video editing for the Christmas movie at work. Every year the office does a 20-40 minute movie which […]
November 24, 2008

France Trip iPhoto Book Video

Finally got around to doing a short video to show off what the iPhoto Books look like. We ordered a 30 page hard cover book. It […]