October 26, 2008

Computers Crashing

My desktop computer failed to boot this morning.  I think it may have finally given up the ghost. That got me thinking about a replacement.  The […]
October 26, 2008

10Km per day

That’s the distance I need to do to train for the marathon. It’s simply amazing that just 2 years ago 10Km was an almost unthinkable distance […]
October 20, 2008

Running the Marathon

The marathon is the ultimate running race.  The distance is at a tipping point in human endurance.  42 kilometers is a real test of human running […]
October 19, 2008

Apple Festival

We headed to the UBC campus to check out the annual apple festival. It was a nice crisp automn day out. The perfect time of year […]
October 18, 2008

Blogging from my ipod

The iPod touch is probably the coolest gadget I’ve ever owned. It is like having a rediculously small computer. The apps available can do a lot […]
October 18, 2008


This is one of the most useful applications out there for people that want to share files between multiple computers or share larger files with friends. […]
October 17, 2008

Building Your Website Portfolio – How Many Sites Do You Need?

One thing has become clear to me in the last month or so. I simply don’t own enough of the internet! I’m just trying to realize […]
October 16, 2008

Great Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Colum and Jenni visited which gave me a reason to cook a turkey.  oohh it was good. We all ran […]
October 16, 2008

Developing a sold business model

A lot has changed in my business model over the last few days. in the last week I was on two conference calls dealing with different […]