July 22, 2008

Think it’s all figured out and stuff

Got the theme stuff all done on halotis.com. I think it looks much better now. Last night we went to see the U2 concert at the […]
July 22, 2008

Get Ready for the 30 Day Challenge

The man that really turned things around for me and got me actually working on things that will make money online. Ed Dale and the team […]
July 21, 2008

Why does Internet Explorer suck so badly

Because I try to avoid using internet explorer as much as possible (and I hope you do the same) I never noticed that the theme changes […]
July 19, 2008

HalOtis theme

Just finished doing some tweaking to the theme on halotis.com. I converted it to use the CSS from the YUI project. The problem with the old […]
July 18, 2008

Are you on Friendfeed yet?

Friendfeed is perhaps the most powerful leverage tool out there. It is a service that pulls in your activities from nearly 50 different places and displays […]
July 18, 2008

Al Gore Challenge

I love this idea. Al Gore is a genius. I’ll take the challenge, even though I’m not an american citizen, and I don’t own a car […]
July 18, 2008

Totally want to make one of these

What a great project. Junked motorcyle + batteries + motor = Fun. I wish I had a shed to work on something like this.
July 17, 2008

Planes Trains and Hotels

All the vital stuff is now done for the trip to France. Plane tickets bought, Hotels booked, and Train seats reserved. All that’s left to do […]
July 17, 2008

More Running

Signed up for yet another run last night. The turkey trot is a 10K run around False Creek, starting and ending on Granville Island. It’s a […]