July 9, 2008

Ultimate Crunch

Threw this video together really quickly to show off my new favorite snack. Video is so FUN!
July 9, 2008

More Video Today

Going to be recording 2 videos this afternoon. I’m trying to focus 80% of my business development time directly on the sales aspect. Videos are perhaps […]
July 8, 2008

I Hate Java Web Services

I consider myself a pretty bright guy and a good developer. But making sense of Java Web Services is completely frustrating. It should be simple. I […]
July 7, 2008

Google Nemesis

Ok, this is insane. The guy who created Day Job Killer, and Google Assassin is at it again. This time he’s automated every little detail and […]
July 6, 2008

Celebrity sighting

Last night we met up with some friends to see a movie. We had a celebrity sighting. Roger Cross. He’s been in tons of stuff. He […]
July 4, 2008

Colum Furey

One of my best friends Colum Furey has done a tremendous amount of web development work on his site in the last few days. It looks […]
July 4, 2008

Business Exercise

For the last few months I’ve really been focused on learning and doing everything I can to become a good marketer. Now I’m feeling pretty confident […]
June 30, 2008

Your Copywriting Cheat Sheet

I just posted a copywriting cheat sheet which I think you will find very valuable for planning your marketing strategy. The cheat sheet is based on […]
June 30, 2008

Net Worth Graph