April 9, 2008

Just 11 days till the Vancouver Sun Run

My running has been going pretty good this year. With the help of Heather to push me out the door, I’ve done more to prepare this […]
April 8, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-04-08

Google Notebook is one of the most valuable web apps. I use it ALL the time. # Powered by Twitter Tools.
April 8, 2008

Started My Course

Yesterday the first week of lessons became available for download for the course I bought. Last night I went through about 3 hours of video. (it’s […]
April 7, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-04-07

people are just walking around with their umbilical cords hanging out looking for a place to plug it in. # Planning trip to France # Powered […]
April 5, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-04-05

just picked up a blue snowball # Testing some audio recording # Powered by Twitter Tools.
April 5, 2008

Test Audio Plugin

I wanted to test the mp3 plugin that I got for wordpress so that I can embed audio clips. Let me know if you have any […]
April 4, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-04-04

switched from twitterific to twhirl for twittering. great AIR app. # wrote a blog post about telemarketing scripts http://tinyurl.com/57trry # Powered by Twitter Tools.
April 4, 2008

Got a Blue Snowball

Last night was weird. I was watching some seminars late last night with Eben Pagen talking about product launches and starting a business. After finishing the […]
April 4, 2008

Who writes telemarketing scripts?

I’ve been learning a lot about copywriting lately by listening to some of the world’s best copywriters namely John Carlton, and Gary Halbert. I’ve read a […]