April 4, 2008

I should be a Telemarketing Copywriter

I put a new post on my HalOtis website about telemarketing. They should hire me to write their scripts. check it out Who writes telemarketing scripts?
April 3, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-04-03

listening to ed dale’s melbourne conference.. pure gold. # Powered by Twitter Tools.
April 3, 2008

Apple Takes Walmart

It has been confirmed that Apple was the largest retailer of music in the US for January. Apple’s market share has grown tremendously in the past […]
April 2, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-04-02

using twhirl for twittering now # Powered by Twitter Tools.
April 1, 2008

More videos to watch

The course I bought started off by giving us unedited video content from a live workshop attended by 93 people each of whom paid $5000 to […]
April 1, 2008

Learning French

I started listening to this great podcast about learning french. check it out http://www.learnfrenchbypodcast.com/ For the trip to France later this year I’d like to be […]
March 31, 2008

Net Worth Update: Flat again

This month was pretty good for me financially. Despite making a rather big purchase this month my net worth held steady due to an increase in […]
March 30, 2008

8 minute abs

core strength is one of the keys to being able to run faster and more efficiently. When I was checking youtube I found this clip from […]
March 30, 2008

Making progress

I’m in the process of launching a new website. Today I accomplished a number of things that are worth mentioning. First, I signed up for an […]