March 18, 2008


There’s a new site called friendfeed that aggregates everything from my accounts on numerous other websites. I’ve created a page there at which shows my […]
March 17, 2008

Loving Adobe AIR and Flex

For the last few days I’ve been playing around with programming in Flex. I’ve browsed tons of videos on the site and tried writing a […]
March 15, 2008

Flash Flex Experiment

I quickly put together this Flash application.  It displays the rss feed for this blog.  I’ve been pretty impressed with how easy it is to build […]
March 14, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-03-14

looking into programming some Adobe Flex applications # wwbd – what would bob do # Powered by Twitter Tools.
March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

Have some Pie and a good discussion of circles on this most wonderful day!
March 14, 2008

Q code example

I’ve been coding in the q language for the past few weeks. It’s an interesting beast and one that I have a hard time understanding many […]
March 13, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-03-13 very cool flex app # Powered by Twitter Tools.
March 13, 2008

Better Investment: Stocks vs Internet Assets

I’ve been thinking about investing. With the upset in the markets over the last few months due to the credit crisis, and a looming recession in […]
March 12, 2008

Matt Has been doing What? 2008-03-12

Loving the new Firefox Beta! Can’t wait for the final version to be released # installed joost this morning… way cool application check it out […]