January 16, 2008


As of January 1st this year it is now illegal to throw recyclables in the garbage for the entire greater Vancouver area. Even more than just […]
January 14, 2008

Still Sick

It’s been a terrible couple of weeks since returning to Vancouver. Everything hurts. I’m going from being too cold to too hot. My sinuses have been […]
January 13, 2008

iPod mod

I looked at my headphones and next to them my iPod shuffle.  Suddenly I was inspired to create something pretty neat.  The shuffle is an amazing […]
January 11, 2008


For the past year I’ve been trying a bit of credit card arbitrage. I signed up for a new credit card that offered 0% for 1 […]
January 10, 2008

Net Worth update: Goal Reached!

I kind of missed my update for the first day of the month. I thought I forgot something. I guess where I was still on holidays […]
January 10, 2008

Online business for this month

I basically took December off from doing anything with my websites; in fact I still haven’t started working on them yet.    That’s about to change. […]
January 9, 2008

Back Pain

Since I got back to Vancouver I’ve been suffering. I picked up a flu, probably while on the plane, which beyond giving me a sore throat […]
January 6, 2008

Lost Luggage

So The flight back to Vancouver wasn’t as pleasant as the flight to St. John’s for Christmas. The problem was ultimately our fault. We booked flights […]
January 4, 2008


The month of December was pretty bad for my websites. I need to start committing more time to regular updates to this site. My apologies to […]