December 10, 2007

Great Weekend

It really is starting to feel like Christmas. On Saturday Heather and I went to the Colliers Christmas party. It was conveniently located just a 10 […]
December 3, 2007

Working out

For the last month I’ve been steadily increasing the amount of exercise I’ve been doing. I haven’t gotten up to my ideal amount of 1hr per […]
December 3, 2007

Income for November: $387.90

Over the past month I’ve been working on building out my content network, and doing a Google adwords campaign to help drive more traffic and generate […]
November 30, 2007

November Net Worth Update: +65.55%

To be honest, when I was walking to work this morning I thought this month was going to be dismal. Instead it seems that several things […]
November 30, 2007

URL Re-direction Software Update

To all the people out there that have downloaded and tried out my url re-direction program there is a new update that I recommend everyone download.The […]
November 26, 2007

Created HalOtis Facebook Page

Check it out.  I created a Facebook Page for HalOtis.  A Facebook Page is a new feature that allows you to create a presence for businesses, […]
November 26, 2007

Diet Coke

It’s strange. For years I could never drink diet coke. The aspartame taste completely disagreed with me to the point where if I accidentally bought a […]
November 26, 2007

Got a new printer

After a long time of not having a printer we’ve added a printer/scanner to the home office. I chose to get a network printer so that […]
November 23, 2007

What I’m up to

Here in Vancouver the mountains are starting to get capped with snow. The last few days we’ve been fortunate enough to have a high pressure system […]