October 22, 2007

Ikea, birthdays, and stuff

There’s been lots happening since my last post. Heather’s birthday was last week and we decided to celebrate by going to the really nice restaurant down […]
October 19, 2007

Publishing Ezine Articles

The positive results I’ve been getting from my Stock Secrets site has kept me focused on attracting more growth to the site.  I’ve proven to myself […]
October 14, 2007

Buying And Selling Websites

Ed Dale is the man when it comes to buying and selling websites.  After selling his first major website in the late nineties made him a […]
October 12, 2007

Made my first sale!

It took a while longer than I expected, but on Wednesday I logged my first ever sale as a ClickBank affiliate. The sweet taste of success […]
October 12, 2007

Made my first affiliate sale

Yesterday I made my first affiliate sale from Quantitative Stock Secrets. This one sale was worth $31.85 for me and has increased my monthly income substantially […]
October 10, 2007

Is There Value in a Business Plan?

I got a surprise call yesterday from a business advisor service.  At some point several months ago I must have submitted my name in some online […]
October 9, 2007

Programming project

Over the weekend I upgraded my operating system. for the most part it was a straight forward upgrade. The reason for the upgrade was to have […]
October 9, 2007

New Glasses

After years since my last check up at the optometrist, I finally made an appointment to update my perscription and get a new pair of glasses. […]
October 9, 2007

Steve Jobs Words of Wisdom

I saw this video over the weekend and it really struck a cord with me. Steve Jobs is a guy that I really respect.